About Ephraim Ndlovu

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About Ephraim Ndlovu
Introducing Ephraim Ndlovu Chairman , Founder

He is a lawyer of over 10 years of experience as partner. He is an in depth legal practitioner and specialist on land development structuring and general construction law.

He has over the years dealt extensively with civil and labour law matters. Mr Ndlovu started practice as an overly criminal lawyer  and has vast experience in complicated criminal law cases.  He has a passion for social justice , human rights and general constitutional law related issues. He has practical and legal experience in mining law. In his years of practice , he has worked closely with trade unions across the commercial sphere , he understands labour law. Issues of family law including divorce , custody and guardianship are close to his heart , and are a part of his areas of practice.The chairman has keen interest on the use of technology to enhance legal practice and  has particular interest on the role at AI in the development  of the law. He appreaciates international financing and international trade , and has keen interest in the role and place of international organisations within the realm of regional , continental and global intergration. He believes in an improved (SADC) , (AU)  & well liberalised (UN).

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